Fujifilm XF 35mm f1.4 vs 35mm f2 (Sample Photos)

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Re: Fujifilm XF 35mm f1.4 vs 35mm f2 (Sample Photos)

jidccruz wrote:

Street_Photography wrote:

Swap the f2 for the 50 f2. 90 will be too long for kids most of the time.

yeah maybe I'm getting a 50 f2 after selling the either 35 f2 or f1.4. 90 f2 is incredible outdoors, I may hold it for years to come.

Sounds like a plan. I assume the 90 will be great for any activities, big parks, general outdoors. But the 50mm is so lightweight and more suitable for general use like the garden and small parks.

For 35mm, its such an in-between, versatile focal length, that f2 would leave me wanting more bokeh/subject separation. I haven't owned eitger 35 but after trying in-store the f2 bored me and wasn't very good at focusing. The f1.4 wowed me instantly despite the noisy, jerky focusing.

I would keep the f1.4 and see what the new 33mm f1.4 turns out like. My guess is you will live happily ever after with the 35mm f1.4 as the new one will be $900 and more clinical (less character). You have the Fujicrons for clinical and WR. It's nice to have something different. I think of the f1.4 like an autofocus vintage lens which is a rare luxury.

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