I love 15yr old Nikon D700 ... why would I upgrade? (Kids, Sports, etc. shooting)

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Re: I love 15yr old Nikon D700 ... why would I upgrade? (Kids, Sports, etc. shooting)

Iain G Foulds wrote:

… Brev: Initially, the solid shutter sound is a surprise, but it is a sound of quality and durability. You soon learn to appreciate it.

...I am not sure how you know what I will or will not learn to appreciate.  You are better at forecasting my experience than me?  I don't eat cranberries because I have disliked them in the past.  Maybe I didn't give them enough of a try?  Will I love them if I buckle down and eat some more?

… Sad you would not take a bit of time to even look at the pictures. Incredible really.

...You do you. I will do me. I enjoy being absorbed in my surroundings when I am taking pictures. Such a loud bang takes me out of my flow. Very disturbing. For me. You feel differently.

... As I have told you, my experience in the field is as or even more important than the ultimate result on my computer. Living life to the full is a priority for me. When I experience something negative, I take as much into consideration as possible as quickly as possible and put the hammer down right away if I reach a clear conclusion. Could be turning off a show if it displeases me in the first few minutes. Skipping to the next song on Spotify 20 seconds into one I find I don't like. Scrolling past images, ignoring newspaper articles. I bought Taylor Swift's Evermore. Took months to get. When I listened to it, I noticed a lot of pops and clicks that greatly interfered with my enjoyment of the music. Cleaned the record and the stylus. Tried it again. No difference. Played Folklore. Perfectly fine. Contacted Swift's merch manager. Got a new copy. Plays fine. If I can't take pops and clicks while playing vinyl, how am I going to enjoy the quiet experience of being out in nature, listening carefully for the crackle of animals breaking branches, the call of a bird, when there is a startling bang every time I take a pic. That's not going to be good for me or the animals easily sensing my presence. I have not returned to the BOK after hearing Natalie Maine's voice horribly distorted at a Dixie Chicks' (now Chicks) concert. Couldn't stand an opera streamed in a movie theater. Audio was horrible. Won't do it again. Woulld have left if I wasn't with a friend who was enjoying herself. She wasn't bothered, didn't even notice, the horrible audio.

...The D40 was another matter. It was pleasant enough to use. Handled comfortably. Took and processed lots of pics. Shared online. It was a useful experiment.

...How do I know all this and so quickly? Because I know myself and trust my instincts. Works for me. I don't insist that others do the same. They have to go by their own self-knowledge. Different strokes.

...The shutter sound bothers me. LIke a firetruck going past. The sound of a firetruck never gets less disturbing. The shutter sound won't either. Quality? Faulty design just like the mushy multi selector pad. Hard pass.

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