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Re: Panorama

Mongrel wrote:

If only you had taken it with the iPhone 12 MAX... THAT would have been an incredible shot! (Joke). I think your pano demonstrates your point very well.

I admit I have to agree with you for the most part. Unless I am in a position to dedicate the trip\time to photography, or want to make a specific print *, the need for more than a good cell phone is hard to justify. But since I am on an iPhone XR, I still carry a small body and at least one small prime just to satisfy my urge to shoot.

*not sure I even agree with this anymore. I was admiring my nephew's engagement pictures which his fiancée' had just put up in their home. Three prints on canvas, around 11x14...look absolutely fantastic. "Who took your pictures?"

Answer: "My fiancée's friend took them with her iPhone and had them made for us..."




We have all heard for years now-"well that's fine if you just want to post to social media."

Ahhh.....yea right...


Regardless of the image quality of phone pictures, I still prefer the control a real camera offers. Not just in processing either; also in DOF, shutter speed, exposure, etc. Plus there are still things a phone camera can't do, although that gap keeps getting smaller and smaller. But I totally get that for the vast majority of people, who prefer the phone's AI to figure that all out, a phone is more than fine.

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