Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS

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Re: Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS

Taking a paragraph from your post I will address what I think is best for what you want to do.

For the most part you cant go wrong with any Sony FF camera on your radar, but I will add the lot

A1, A7iii, A9ii A7R IV. Not sure the "S" series is for what you want to do. Of course you have older models out there. The A7IV non R does not exist so dont even consider it unless you plan to just wait and wait and wait till it is announced. Even then like most things its a pre order and who knows how many months more for fulfillment.

24-105 is a really nice lens. I felt it replaced my nikon 24-70 mm 2.8 VR and 70-200 mm 2.8 with no problem.  I did not really use that F 2.8 all the time.


to quote

"I'm an amateur photographer and mostly like to take outdoor photos - landscape, scenery, wildlife, BIF as the opportunity arises, and lots of water-related photos. Of course, there are the smattering of indoor photos, too. After almost two years of having trips canceled due to COVID, we're starting to travel again. We have an Alaska cruise in August, we're taking a 16-day road trip in Utah and Arizona, visiting many of the national and state parks there, including Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, Arches, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, etc. In January, we have an expedition cruise to Antarctica, followed by Australia and New Zealand in February. That's why I'm looking to upgrade before these trips."

I shot the A7iii for 3 years great camera but I wanted an upgrade and got the A9ii.  I did not want or really need big files of the R series.  Heck that is why I went with the A7iii over the R iii when I did that... I used to shoot the D850 among others so yes 100% great camera I am not knocking it at all..

the do it all Sony camera is now the A1.  I decided if I was going to spend $4500 on the A9ii I could go another $2k, but I did not.  My purposes I know I am not doing involved video productions or frequent shoots that would warrant this.  Pretty much does it all, but just wait till the A2 comes out .... lol....

Anyway, a few ideas if you want better high ISO its the 24 mp cameras A7iii, A9 series.  For BIF and speed A9 series.  However I very successfully shot runway fashion shows with the A7iii and 24-105 with flash.

IF you are making prints based on your itinerary I think the A7R IV A the A is the newest version. I think I would do that body.

IF you want versatility and 24 mp is no slouch the A9ii will be great..

OR OR..... You could do the A7R IV A and the A9 (ii) to do what the A1 can do BUT at that point get the A1, I think it makes more financial sense.

I might also suggest you get the battery grip not a must just a suggestion


last,,, you are doing a trip I would LOVE to do and I truly feel my A9ii with 24-105, 100-400 sony and I also have the 20 mm, 35 mm GM and 90 macro would be no problem taking great photos...


I'd look for a travel tripod or monopod, external flash of your choice. Personally I shoot the Sony HVL 45 and 60 F RM... really nice they have built in receiver with the Sony commander I can do wireless flash.

Get a good backpack and or  rolling case to move through the airport,  I pack empty camera bags to unload at the destination as if I were in my home time for a day trip. You know never check camera gear (always carry on)

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