How do zoom shooters actually calculate their shots?

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Jerry-astro wrote:

jtr27 wrote:

deednets wrote:

Snapsh0t wrote:

As that's now thirty likes, it seems many people do think I gave an appropriate reply to your question.

The currency of the internet. It didn’t answer the question but was a response people liked. Good for you.

I still have no strategy for a group shot with, say, the 50-140/2.8 where I need 1.70 minimum depth of field from 6 meters at 110mm - and then zoom in to tighten the crop.

Your response answered that you think?

Will read your 30 likes again later to get an f stop when changing from 110 to 130 to keep the required dof.

Jerry told me that he didn't think likes don't matter, but for you they clearly do. Since 2004 when I joined dpreview I think I never got 30 likes, so there's true magic here at play it seems.

Well done!

Please Deeds, don't pretend not to care about likes - it is not a convincing look. As far as I can tell. you are far and away the most fastidious counter, measurer, and weigher of likes on this forum.

It's only when things don't go your way, and I must say that seems to be fairly often, that you claim to be above such pettiness.

I hate to say it, Deed, but I’d have to agree with this post. I’m sure all of us appreciate getting validation of our opinions via likes, however, you’re one of very few people on this forum who brings it up repeatedly in posts. Honestly, It’s my humble opinion that the whole “like thing” is of little value other than perhaps stroking an ego or two here (or the opposite for some posts where the OP craves them and isn’t seeing that validation they’re hoping for). Sure, it’s nice to know that a decent number of people apparently agree or “like” your post, but TBH, I’m far more interested in the comments, analysis, and opinions of people here… essentially feedback that’s actually useful.

I’m sorry to have to be blunt, but this seems to keep coming up in various posts and TBH, I wish that DPR would just do away with that system and let people rely on comments and dialog for discussion, validation… whatever.

JMHO. Take with appropriate grain of salt.

I answered a post that mentioned "likes" ...

It seems that I have no place here in this forum as whenever I seems that I whenever I have a demi-interesting question, I am put in my place. Like this thread where the most nods went to a post saying that the shooter never felt a need to calculate DOF.

And how in your humble opinion is "never to feel the need" an answer as to "how" people calculate DOF with a zoom lens?

Since you are more interested in content than likes, how would you see Snapshot's comment in that light?

Like I had a question regarding frame rates for macro stacking, but never asked this here as I thought that somebody possibly came up with a response NOT to stack ... so didn't ask. You can probably not see where I am coming from as the majority (all maybe??) could not see my point, hence there wasn't one to be made.

Will take a time out as there isn't much left to debate for a dude like me here


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