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Slight Detour

… from where I thought I was going today .. the rain unexpectedly stopped for the whole morning which was mixed overcast and some sun occasionally from between the clouds .. . So I went out into the yard and what I found made me take the 12-100mm lens off the M1.2 … orange bugs (can't find my insect directory!) on the milkweed …

I got out the Sigma 105mm macro lens and they didn't object …

As you might notice the DOF wasn't all that great …. So I went on to the Blackberry lily ..

But then I thought about that DOF and thought maybe focus stacking …???? ….

This was 5 files stacked using Affinity from the Raw files .. Not great!!! between the wind and the moving bug it doesn't seem we get a very good picture unless you use your imagination about what could have been .. but being undeterred I moved on to a more stable yellow Day Lily

This was done from 4 files, again RAW, processed with Affinity and yes I was still using the 105mm Sigma Macro. I had a mono-pod to help steady my hands but the wind did gust and this was during a bit of a lull with little wind movement. The focusing is all done manually starting at the front edge. … I continued with the Blackberry Lily which is prone to more movement and this next was from 3 files ..

I think somewhere about 3 or 4 files, outdoors using the technique I did, that is about the maximum files that can be stacked .. I did try more and never got anything close to these last two in perceived steadiness. BTW these picture are all processed including sharpening as I was interested in the final product not just whether it could be done … and I do think I may find a use for this technique ...

I hadn't planned this detour or to be back before next weekend at the earliest but I found this interesting and hope that you might also … So ….


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