Scanning more than one photo at a time - saving as individual files

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Re: Scanning more than one photo at a time - saving as individual files

RayGuselli wrote:

I know this is asking a lot but……

A few years ago I was told about a program which allowed me to scan a few photographs at a time on my A3 scanner, but where photoshop (or some script) then automatically saved each one as a separate scan/image.

I just cannot remember what it was or how to do it…

Can anyone suggest what I was using please.

Many thanks


Hi Ray

First thanks for all you posts on colorization of images and have learned a lot from you.  I am amazed by your skills (and glad you wife puts up with it   )

Vuescan was already mentioned and that may be a great and less expensive way to go.

Another software option to consider is Silverfast:

I must say I have not used Vuescan yet it sounds really good.   Silverfast is more of the "Photoshop" of scanning apps with a lot of bells and whistles.   That can be good and it can be bad with a bit more learning curve.

I have used it with my Epson scanner to scan multiple 1800 era prints at a time.  Silverfast allows you to identify as many crops as you want with unique settings for each (if desired) so when you tell it to scan, you can walk away and just have it do all the work.

That was appealing to me as one crop would be of the entire set of images, I would flipt them over and do an entire scan of the back (to capture notes people had put on the images) and then a crop of each of the individual prints and then scans of each of the individual people or parts of the image.

The first overall scans were similar to a contact print at relatively low resolution and the others were at a resolution where I could get 300 dpi for an 8x10 print whether for the individual full print or an individual person  crop.  This worked for me rather than one supper high resolution scan of all the images simultaneously with cropping after in photoshop.    It ended up being faster scanning time overall as well.   All my desired options were pre-cropped so a small time saver there as well.

Just another option to consider though it does cost more.

John Wheeler

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