I love 15yr old Nikon D700 ... why would I upgrade? (Kids, Sports, etc. shooting)

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Re: I love 15yr old Nikon D700 ... why would I upgrade? (Kids, Sports, etc. shooting)

Brev00 wrote:

I have been shooting with a D610 for a few years. Just got a used D700 to play around with it. Another member wanted me to check out the color rendering in comparison to newer cameras like my D610 and D500. For $400 I thought 'Why not?' Well, I will tell you why not. The first thing I noticed is the incredibly loud shutter sound. How could I not? Perhaps you have grown used to it over the years or never noticed it in the first place. For me, it is a deal killer. The second thing I noticed is the very mushy multi selector pad. I shoot af-c single point making precise adjustments of the focus point key. During my brief shoots, there were user errors galore. Similarly imprecise for the pad's other functions. After shooting with the incredibly versatile, customizable, and precise D500 for the past few months, I could not stomach using it. No desire to continue the experiment. The shutter sound is too irritating for me. So, after a few shots, I am going to put it on the market. I expect to lose a few bucks. But, good to take this off my list of purchasing options.

This is my experience. Clearly, it is not yours so it does not apply directly to you. But, my typical advice for 'what to buy' queries, is to try out the various options. Take your camera to a camera store and handle the other cameras you are considering. You have used only the D700 so will become aware of its limitations only when you compare it directly to other cameras. As I see it you have a choice. Don't try any other camera and get another D700. Or, try out other cameras, very likely become unhappy with your D700, and decide which of the newer cameras you prefer. I have had this experience with computers. I used a 2009 21.5" Mac for 10 years. Performed just as it had since getting it. No loss of speed. Great monitor. Or, so I thought. One day I went to Best Buy. Put the brand new 27" against the also brand new 21.5" using my own Flickr stream to examine the quality of the renderings. The larger computer blew away the smaller one. Not a direct comparison but I confidently inferred that the newly released 27" Mac would be unbelievably better than my 10 year old Mac. Before, just looking at my old Mac, I was satisfied. Now, I couldn't see the display of my images without wanting more and better. If I never studied the issue this far, I may still be using my old Mac.

how much do you want for the D700?   I don't mind the loud shutter.

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