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kml426 wrote:

Hi, Everyone,

I'm amazed at the knowledge and talent of everyone here. I also appreciate you sharing them.

I'm ready to move from APS-C world to FF. I currently have a Pentax K3 and various lenses. I've decided to move to Sony A7, though I'm not sure which body, yet. I'm anxiously waiting for the announcement of the A7IV before deciding. In the meantime, I just purchased the Sony FE 100-400mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS, and am seriously considering the lens discussed here, the Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS.

I'm an amateur photographer and mostly like to take outdoor photos - landscape, scenery, wildlife, BIF as the opportunity arises, and lots of water-related photos. Of course, there are the smattering of indoor photos, too. After almost two years of having trips canceled due to COVID, we're starting to travel again. We have an Alaska cruise in August, we're taking a 16-day road trip in Utah and Arizona, visiting many of the national and state parks there, including Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, Arches, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, etc.

You'll love that! My favorite part of the country for photography.

In January, we have an expedition cruise to Antarctica, followed by Australia and New Zealand in February. That's why I'm looking to upgrade before these trips.

A few questions, please:

1. Some of you use the 24-105 as your everyday lens. Do you feel F4 is fast enough for everyday use?

Yes. The Sony sensors plus the excellent noise reduction software that's available nowadays means that for me at least I haven't really needed a faster lens. Especially since you're mostly planning outdoors photography--plenty of light in canyon country!

2. If I go with the 24-105 and have the 100-400, what other lens would you recommend?

I like the inexpensive 20mm Tamron. I haven't had much use for my wider 14mm.

3. Though I'm not made of money, I can afford to buy the A7RIV, but I don't like wasting money. 61MP is a lot, and I don't make huge prints, so it's overkill in most situations. Of course, since I do like wildlife photos, it does give me the option to crop and still have detail. I'm hoping the A7IV will be in the 30MP range, giving at least a 20% increase from the A7III. I could get the A7RIII and 42MP would be great, but I'm adverse to buying things that are older vintage. Am I wrong? What suggestions do you have?

After buying the A7RIV I kept my A7RIII for backup and in reality that's all I needed. The A7RIV was a birthday present to myself that I otherwise could have done without.

One suggestion: if your have medium-to-large hands, an inexpensive grip extension designed for whatever A7xxx you buy may make for a more comfortable grip; I found them for both my cameras on Amazon for around $50.

4. If I wait for the A7IV, I know it won't be out in time for Alaska next month or the National Parks in September. Since I'll have at least two FE lenses by then, I could rent a body. Or do you think it makes more sense to buy a used A7III or A7RIII and sell it if the A7IV is a good upgrade. I realize I'll take a loss, especially after the A7IV release, but the loss may be less than the rental charge on a body for these two trips.

I hope I'm not asking too much.

Not at all, we're here to help others as well as ourselves.

Any feedback is much appreciated.



Good luck with whatever you choose.

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