Drop my battery to the water...

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Re: Drop my battery to the water...

A couple of points:

  • The lithium in lithium ion batteries is not reactive with water. (Pure lithium, as is found in non-rechargeable lithium batteries is)
    • The recommended method for extinguishing a lithium ion battery fire is copious amounts of water. This serves to cool the cells down.
  • If the battery is not hermetically sealed, water intrusion can possible cause a short circuit or internal corrosion as mentioned before
  • If the battery is hermetically sealed, I would not be worried* about just an external short circuit.
    • Although I have not tested it, a well designed battery (which I presume Fuji's are) should have protection against external short circuits. A premium battery will likely have resettable protection, but a cheaper solution would still have a simple fuse.
    • Furthermore, damage from a short circuit would likely be evidenced immediately and not cause a latent defect.

By the way, pure water is an insulator. It's the minerals in the water cause it to be conductive. To truly replicate the incident, the conductivity of the water would need to be known.-- When immersion tests for batteries are specified, they ideally should reference a standard for what water to use (e.g. ASTM-D-1141 Standard Practice for the Preparation of Substitute Ocean Water)

*Use at your own risk, I am just stating my personal opinion.

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