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Jack Tingle wrote:

The perfect aspect ratio for a camera sensor does not lie in the narrow band of 16:12 to 16:9. True, false or other?

Depends entirely on what you shoot.

For fashion, I've had literally an image composition solved (and my @ss saved) in seconds by the 4:3 in my DMF kit.

Same image was making me nervous in front of the client just minutes before, when I was attempting the same composition with the average Nikon's 3:2.

4:3 saved the day many times before.

If you shoot vertical (a ton if it's fashion), that added space from 4:3 to the model's side, fits like a glove.

It makes room for the composition to breathe.

If I shot more landscapes, I'd LOVE to have a thin rectangle, like 6 x 17.

A ton of very ordinary, average scenes look gorgeous on 6 x 17 just because of the nature of the format itself (Nick Carver comes to mind, a ton of his shots would look completely average, if not mere snapshots, if on any other format).

There's some special bond between landscapes and 6 x 17, if makes even the most basic subject look kinda special by default.

But even 36 mp when cropped to 6 x 17 ends up with unimpressive 14 mp or so... it's a ton of wasted pixels.

Wish there was a dedicated sensor for that. It could be any format, even APS-C, just a wide rectangle with lots of mp into it.

Would be amazing for landscapes and sell like hotcakes.

Just 2 examples.

There can't be a format fitting all bills.

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