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Nebido wrote:

Besides the need for the availability of much more native tele-options, like the ones on the roadmap, I'd rather see some fast primes.

Something like a 24 f/1.4 S, 28 f/1.4 S, 35 f/1.2 S, 85 f/1.2 S, 105 f/1.4 DC S, 135 f/2.0 DC S, 180mm f/2.8 S, some native Z PF 300/500 lenses.

Other than that there would be much more need for a 100-300 S, a 70-200 f4/ S.

There are already the stellar "Nikon Z Trinity", heavy, expensive and chunky enough, so i don't see the need for F2 versions.

F2 versions would be likely, ridicolous expensive, big and heavy.

Even if Nikon would produce such versions, most people would stay with there Trinity and complete them with some really fast f/1.2 + f/1.4 Z-primes, like i mentioned and probably this would also be the cheaper, more versatile and uncompromising solution for every purpose.

Something Nikon can think about, when the Z-lens range is complete, including special lenses like shift/tilt, fisheye, fisheye-zoom.....

28 1.8 S would also be a nice addition to the list.

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