Nikon AF-P 70-300s - DX vs FX ?

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Re: Nikon AF-P 70-300s - DX vs FX ?

I have used the FX version on a D500 and D7200.  I have also used it on FX bodies, including the D810, D850, Z6 and Z6II (the latter two with the FTZ adapter).  It’s a very good lens, particularly at its price.  Light weight, fast to focus.  I use it when I want a light weight telephoto option (if 300 mm is enough).

I have not used the DX version, but have heard from friends who have it that it is also a good lens.  Thom Hogan reviewed both lenses on his website.  I recall he thought the FX version was a bit better optically.

One difference that could matter to some — the FX version has a VR switch, allowing you to turn VR off and on, or switch from normal to sport mode, from the lens.  If I recall, the DX version does not have a VR switch, so you have to use the camera’s menu system to turn VR on or off or change mode.  I think the FX version weighs a bit more, but still seems quite light to me.

Not sure if I would buy the FX version if I already had the DX version and only planned to use it on DX cameras.  For me the choice was easy, as I had both DX and FX bodies, so I wanted to be able to use the lens on both types of bodies.

BTW, the FX version works very nicely on Z bodies, if you were to go that way.

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