Nikon shooter here. How good is the R5?

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Re: Nikon shooter here. How good is the R5?

primeshooter wrote:

Long time nikon shooter here. I am mostly doing landscape photography these days

since you don’t really need any special autofocus (static landscape) you should probably stick with nikon

and I have always used primes on the mid - to wide end with a 70-200 on the long. However i recently dropped a lensat the beach on a rock requiring repair (14mm sigma 1.8). I have not yet repaired it yet as it still works it just has a stiff focus ring - it will remain like this until i make my mind up. I am shifting towards zooms with the odd prime because of shooting in bad weather and dangerous environments. The problem for me is nikons Z bodies are less dslr like and look more like sonys body shapes (i use gloves a lot and like the chunkyness of dlsr body shapes), along with poorer focusing and the part that really disappoints is the single axis tilt screen. Doing a lot of astro work is a pain with Nikon bodies for vertical shots but til now i have just sucked it up. The system they use for a tilt screen is just archaic in my eyes and they are continuing the trend with the z bodies. A lens which has drawn me to the system is the 15-35 2.8 rf. That is a dream range for me and would work for wild field astro on my star adventurer mount! And i think it will work with my 100mm lee filter system. Nikon only has a 14-24 or a slow 14-30 f4. I would probably add the 24-70 in time and eventually the 50 1.2/ 85 1.2.

How is the dynamic range and shadow pull ability on the r5 files? (I exposure blend wih luminosity masks a lot). I am used to clean ISO 64 files on the 810 and 850 from the sony sensor. How is the af and video af? Anythiing i should be aware of? Apart from the slight overpricing of the r5 and lenses? I am ETTR all the time so in a way i will miss optical finders and worry about battery live but ETTR will be possible in one shot now.

Please do not take this as nikon bashing. I am merely explaining my reasoning for a potential system switch. I am still at the consideration stages. But just now as it stands z mount doesnt work for me although it is a lot cheaper i will admit that.

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