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p5freak wrote:

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Leonard Shepherd wrote:

p5freak wrote:

Because Nikon isnt innovative. Look at Sigma, they made the world first f1.8 zooms, for APS-C. Look at Canon, they made the worlds first f2 FF zoom.

Look at Nikon as well

They made the first 200-400 f4 zoom, the first 24-70 f2.8 zoom, the first 14-24 zoom, the first 80-400 zoom, the first 14-30mm zoom, the first 24-70 zoom - and maybe a few other firsts - including (not a zoom) the 500 PF.

Yes, they did. But we are talking about f2 zooms here.

You were extrapolating from the absence of f/2 zoom Nikkors to suggest that "Nikon isn't innovative". Others have simply given examples of where Nikon has displayed innovation.

I wasnt extrapolating, i was talking about f2 (1.8) zooms only, when i meant not innovative, i meant an f2 zoom, one that wasnt there before, like a 24-50/60 f2. Then Leonard came in and extrapolated.

Sorry, but your initial premise was - "Nikon don't make an f/2 zoom, because they are not innovative"...

...which is not the same thing as - "Nikon are not innovative, because they don't make an f/2 zoom"

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