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Jostian wrote:

nice but looking closer shows very soft detail, see crop below from one of your shots, I wouldn't be happy with this

I think that this might be a DOF issue for that particular photo – after all it's a large sensor focused to a distant subject. But I agree that GCam stacking sometimes produce blurred parts, so yes it's not perfect. But generally I prefer the way 48mp Gcam renders detail - it's quite natural and crisp at least for static scenes. Movement within the frame is a a problem like you noticed, as is the left corner sharpness for this particular lens. While I think 48mp is really overkill for the sensor/lens combination, resizing to say 24mp produces really crisp results.

My problem with most phones is the fact that they usually produce only 12mp output with no option for full resolution RAW files. Of course to get more detail you need lots of light, but then the difference could be considerable. I really like Huawei's output but as you cannot use GCam the tuning possibilities are quite limited. Particularly I like the way GCam renders JPG files - it could be very close to properly edited RAW which I find nice. But to get perfect files you have to tune, tune and tune so I agree it's not the best solution to everyone.

Here's a nicer example where even corners are OK – and with 48mp you can clearly see even the smallest details (look at the crane in the background).

Mi 10 Ultra 48mp

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