GRII shutter stuck closed on power on

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Re: GRII shutter stuck closed on power on

I have tried in on CX 6 sets, so not a GR.

My advise; don't do it unless you are a watchmaker.

Disassembly is extremely difficult, everything fits like a glove and has been in that position for years hence each part is shaped into its position.

Re assembly is impossible, flexes tend to break  as they aged, maybe became a bit brittle, i had several that simply split when i touched them.

So a propper repair does include using some new parts.

The shutter mechanism can be reached only after complete disassembly.

I did disassemble one shutter mechanism till the last blade and still could not find the error for getting stuck, tiny tiny bits.

Sent it in for repair or scrap it.

I did disassemble 3 sets in total and nr 4 began squeecking a week ago.

Will not bother to open it.

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