Best phone for RAW photography?

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Re: Best phone for RAW photography?

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I would not recommend Huawei for raw shooting. They have great cameras and I use the p40 a lot, but the special sensor colors make it almost impossible to get good looking raw files and all of them have strange demosaic artifacts.

I would also think that the best chances for raw would be one of the flagships of Xiaomi combined with a good gcam port, you'll get raws from multiple exposures with very good detail and high editing latitude

Strange, I see nothing wrong with the RAW files from my P40 Pro...

Check out this thread:

I even inspected dngs with raw digger and could saw these pattern/worming issues. If you have a good and viable workflow which excells against the jpg files please let me know, I would really like to use the dngs.

see these jpeg directly from RAW that you get in Pro mode, no auto processing, just conversion to a jpeg file from the RAW, very natural looking output, don't need to use the RAW files, just the jpegs directly from them that the phone produces by default in Pro mode. Very natural looking output.

No worming issues visible at all.

No, they are definitely much cleaner than the ones from my p40 (although also slightly soft at 1:1).

Slightly soft...please show me a more natural looking jpeg from any OEM.

Can you attach on dng please? Which software you used for converting?

Exactly my point the conversion is done automatically in phone, you take a 50mp RAW and the phone creates a 12mp direct conversion from the RAW, no auto processing etc. Thats why I love Huawei, for the jpegs directly from RAW it produces automatically when in Pro mode.

Edit: just saw that all of them are downscaled to 12mp, I would need to inspect the full size image to see these details.

Again, the phone does this automatically, sure you can process the RAW files if you want but its really not needed, just use the 12MP ones the phone produces from the 50mp RAW file and tweak them if you want.

Well, than we're talking about jpg again and not raw. The original talk was about converting and editing the rwas (I mean that should be the point of raw?) and not basically shooting raw+jpg and taking the jpg.

You dont get it, the phone is making a direct conversion of the RAW for you, which you can then tweak. When you process a RAW file its to produce a jpeg isnt it, with the HUawei it does a direct conversion for you, no auto processing or NR etc. just a direct jpeg (12mp) which is then way easier to process further, but the RAWs are still there and you can edit them if you want.

The magenta shift is still there in the latest p40 dng files by the way.

Not that I've seen, none of the shots I've posted have any magenta shift.

Don't get me wrong I didn't buy a p40 because I don't like it, just the raws are useless.

In your opinion, definitely not mine.

I can show you dng comparisons to my oppo find X2 where it is better with gcam shooting dng, showing more detail and better colors.

Oppo's have come a long way and have very good IQ these days.

For jpg shooting, however, the p40 is indeed a very good device. I never argued about that. But the thread topic is about raw shooting which, to my understanding, means to actually edit the raw file with higher color depth, dynamic range etc. Instead of the jpg that comes along with it.

why would you want to add color depth and DR, then you are definitely moving away from natural looking to some sort of 'enhanced' look, which is fine but I like natural looking photos. But yes I get your point, if the idea is purely for RAW editing then my points are moot.

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