Best smartphone camera for pro photographers

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Re: Best smartphone camera for pro photographers

I2K4 wrote:

If not aware, Sony has been moving gradually in the direction of better integration of its phones with its cameras and possibly other electronics products. I've long thought Sony ought to have been the world's second Apple, but the administrative silos and internal empires it builds its diverse products in have prevented development of an integrted "ecosystem", while the individual products are often among the best. That might be slowly changing.

That's what prompted me to start this thread, actually. Every review I've seen of the Xperia 1iii has said something like "The Pro Photo app gives you lots of control! Now lets set everything to auto and compare it with another phone with everything set to auto. Oh, look the non-Sony JPEG has brighter colors and is way sharper!"

Just once I'd like a comparo of "pro" modes with all that stuff turned off. I understand I'm not the average consumer, and that's fine. But one would think Pro modes aren't for the average consumer, no?


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