Pentax and nikon AF system

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Re: Pentax and nikon AF system

zakaria wrote:

LightBug wrote:

Because Nikon will want lots of money for their technology and Ricoh thinks it’s cheaper to develop their own.

Canon has published a similar technology to Pentax anti moire system for their mirrorless system so i think Pentax should benefit from Canon or nikon dslr af systems.

"benefit exchange"!



Oh, they already have benefited. These companies all benefit through advances by the competition. Do you have any doubt that Ricoh R&D people logged a lot of D500 hours as they developed the K3-III, or that there are quite a few torn down D500 parts in the Ricoh facility. There is no way Nikon licenses AF algorithms to Ricoh while still producing DSLR. By the time Nikon and Canon finally exit the DSLR market the K3-III will no longer be a new camera. Ricoh had better already have ongoing research for improvement of the Pentax AF for the next camera several years down the road rather than be concerned about acquiring AF tech from a camera that is currently 5-1/2 years old.

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