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p5freak wrote:

Because Nikon isnt innovative. Look at Sigma, they made the world first f1.8 zooms, for APS-C. Look at Canon, they made the worlds first f2 FF zoom.

What is Nikon offering ? The 100th version of a 24-70 f2.8, or 70-200 f2.8. Thats boring. Make something new, innovative, something that no one has made before.

Nikon made the first 14mm zoom lens that can accommodate 82mm size filter.

Nikon have their share of halo products, such as the 58mm/f0.95 S Noct at $8000, but that price is so extreme that only a very small number of people would be able to afford one, such as perhaps some Hollywood/movie people, certain high-end, special-effect photographers, and a few collectors.

Besides the 14-30mm/f4 S zoom that can accept 82mm filters (and now Canon have their 14-35mm/f4 that can accept 77mm filters, but more expensive), Nikon's 500mm PF is also peerless and is a favorite among bird photographers. A friend of mine who used to be a Canon user exclusively has recently bought one plus a D500 body to use it on.

At this point, with zero Z-mount lens over 200mm, I very much would rather see Nikon focusing  on more common, "boring" lenses and better AF on the Z bodies than more halo products.

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