X100F vs X100V Acros differences?

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Re: X100F vs X100V Acros differences?

DarnGoodPhotos wrote:

Ed B wrote:

I doubt that people actually using the cameras would see any meaningful difference in image quality between the two cameras and that includes use of the film simulation modes.

That's not necessarily true as Fuji has been known to tweak colors and curves from generation to generation. The X-E2 had heavier shadows than the X-E1, and Provia on my X-Pro2 was cooler than my previous cameras while Provia on my X100V is back to being a bit warmer so its possible that Acros on X100V is slightly different from Across on the X100F.

That being said, if you are shooting Raw then differences are mostly irrelevant because you are at the mercy of your editing program.

Yes, you have a good point.

I will admit that I'm no expert when it comes to all of the Fuji film simulation modes.

I really enjoy the post processing part of photography and do color adjustments then, instead of in-camera.

I switched from Canon to mirrorless when Fuji came out with the X-E1 and have primarily used Fuji ever since but the only two simulation modes I use are Provia and Pro Negative Standard.

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