Maybe I messed up or maybe the R5 saved me

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Re: ISO800 and f11?

Kokopelli_Rocks wrote:

I am pretty sure I shot these in P mode. My goal was to capture a few images of my Son graduating. My main goal was to attend his graduation and enjoy the event.

As I was relatively new to the R5 at the time I am pretty happy with results. I know they are not perfect. I have not been very active in photography for the last few years so I am still brushing up on my skills. I do appreciate the advice and comments.

I like looking at the numbers and thinking about what I should do in that situation. Hopefully, it will help me the next time.

I would not know what to do with P mode and would be afraid of what the camera might pick. I almost exclusively use A mode where I know there is enough light to keep the shutter speed high enough AND I am not trying to control the DOF. If there is not enough light, then I will shoot M mode and make decisions base on if there is motion or a DOF.

The R5 is a big step up for me (my last DSRL was the 70D). I joke all the time that it is like cheating to use the R5. I really wish I had something like it when my kids were growing up. It seems to nail both focus and exposure almost all the time. That and I can fearlessly go down to ISO12,800 indoors without flash.

Also, the viewfinder (and live histograms) keeps you from doing something really dumb with exposure. You have enough latitude that you can recover just about anything if you shoot raw and it looks OK in the viewfinder.

With the great autofocus on the R5 and the great lenses (I have the f2.8L trilogy and the RF24-240), I would not hesitate to shoot wide open for artistic or due to low light. In the past, I would usually want to stop down one or two stops to help out the lens and/or autofocus. I was at my older son's wedding reception and the lighting was terrible and using a flash would be disruptive. With eye-detection AF, I nailed a bunch of great shots at f2.8 and ISO12,800 at about 1/80th to 1/125th shutter speed.

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