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cosmicnode wrote:

Porcytree wrote:

Thanks for the response, excellent photos, descriptions and advice. I especially like the shots of the Cortina and the 'train' of classics in 2016.

I noticed that the photos were taken over several years, what event were the 2019 photos taken and what event was the June 2021 event and how busy was it spectator wise?

Thanks in advance


The 2019 event was one of the last event's we were able to spectate at due to corona virus, it was the last race of the year I attended, there were no spectator events in 2020, it was a event for classic cars like the Goodwood festival of speed with many dressing in period costumes, I don't think it is organised for this year. The Ferrari Club Competizione race this year was the first that the public were allowed to spectate at . I had to pre book and there was very limited ticket numbers , I would estimate about a thousand, we even had our names ticked off on a list on on entry. If you want to attend go on the web page and pre book especially for the British touring cars. BTCC I will be at Goodwood that weekend unfortunately

Cosmincnode was meant to say Goodwood Revival instead of Goodwood Festival of Speed. By the way I'll also be going to Goodwood Revival as well this September.

I'll be going to Silverstone prior to Goodwood because a friend is doing a track day there. Since I haven't been there before I don't know what my restrictions are. So as a precaution I'll take the 50-200, 100-400 and maybe either the 12-35 or the 15mm 1.7 and the 42mm 1.7.

If you're able to get close to the track, the PL50-200 is an excellent lens for it IQ and being compact compared to both the 100-400 and the 40-140mm 2.8. However, once you get good at Panning, you need to consider getting filters.

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