Q - hand holding Sigma or Tamron 150-600mm lenses

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Re: Q - hand holding Sigma or Tamron 150-600mm lenses

VisionLight wrote:

Peter in Canberra wrote:

VisionLight wrote:

You may want to consider the Sigma 60-600mm Sport, rather than the Sigma 150-600mm Sport. First, the newer 60-600mm Sport is lighter than the 150-600mm Sport. Second, the design of the newer 60-600mm is much better balanced, fore to aft, than the 150-600mm Sport. I shoot with a group of 6 Nature photographers, all of us carrying various xx-/500/600mm zoom lenses, sometimes for hours at a time out on the trails. Depending on our intended targets, we sometimes carry monopods or gimbal head tripods. But most of the time it is handheld all the way. Everyone has their own method to cradle the big lens at the ready while hiking. Some of us also use belt holsters for quick access. Plus it's a good thing that all of us are in rather good shape.

Add to this the fact that the lens produces excellent results on both my Sony and Canon cameras (mine is an EF mount which also adapts to Sony with the Sigma MC-11). If you'd like, you can see this lens' results on both cameras in my "Collections by Individual Lens" link in my signature below. Plus, let me know if you have any questions.

thanks, I fear the 60-600 is way out of my price range

I mentioned the 60-600mm because you referred to both C and S versions of the 150-600mm lens in your OP. When either is not on sale, both the Sigma 150-600mm Sport and the Sigma 60-600mm Sport are the same price at US$1999. Both do go on sale from time to time at US$1749, the current sale price of the 150-600mm Sport. Of course the C version of the 150-600mm is about half the price of the S version.

sounds like you have a great group of photographer friends with nice array of knowledge and kit

The last time we were together, it was a beautiful day and we decided to climb down to the beach. For over an hour we just gabbed about stuff, photography or otherwise, and only shot pictures to test out each other's techniques or try different things with each other's cameras. There were decades of knowledge and experience sitting on that beach and a great time was had by all. I really like when we meet, and sometimes :we actually do serious photography.

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