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NickZ2016 wrote:

One of the benefits of the zooms is the price.

A 24,35mm,50 and 70mm collection of primes made to the same optical standard is likely going to be more expensive. That's ignoring all the other focal lengths you get.

Let's do the math. These are the prices for the Nikon f1.8 S primes, without any discount/rebate:

  • 24mm $1000
  • 35mm $850
  • 50mm $600
  • 85mm $800

Total $3250. Canon's 28-70mm/f2 is $3000. There is not a whole lot of difference to begin with, and since Nikon frequently has $100 to $150 discounts for those lenses, the four of them combined can easily be cheaper, and the range starts from 24mm and ends at 85mm, considerably wider than 28-70, not to mention 1/3 of a stop faster throughout.

But the problem with the OP's idea is focal range is too tight. Companies used to make similar lenses. 35-70 for example . You end up needing to either change lenses or carry two bodies. Neither option is ideal.

The problem is that if you want to keep the maximum aperture at f2 and quality high, your zoom range is going to be limited. Sigma makes a 24-35mm/f2 Art that sells for $1000, which is not that expensive, but that is like a 1.5x zoom with a very limited range. The problem with Sigma Art lenses in general is that they weight a ton.

When you have 3, 4 separate lenses, together they are heavy and if you put them all in a backpack and go hiking, the weight can be an issue. If you are shooting a party, wedding, they sit in a case somewhere and you only mount one lens at a time. When you hold a 28-70mm/f2 in front of you all day, it literally is like holding a bag of lenses together in front of you the whole time.

I would stick with my 24-70mm/f2.8 S when I shoot parties indoors. When I travel, I take the 24-70mm/f4 S and/or the 24-200mm.

P.S. Back in 2008 when the D3 was new, Nikon loaned me one with the 24-70mm/f2.8 AF-S. I used that combo plus my 70-200mm/f2.8 AF-S VR to shoot a friend's wedding. I made a mistake not to put a strap on the D3 so that I was holding the camera all day. Of course I was a lot younger 13 years ago. After that wedding, my right shoulder was sore for a couple of days.

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