EOS R3 due?

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Re: EOS R3 due?

Laslo Varadi wrote:

Bernie_King wrote:

Laslo Varadi wrote:

justmeMN wrote:

Laslo Varadi wrote: It does not appear to be the A1 killer ☺️

That's why it's called an R3, not an R1.

Canon wrote that the R3 is "positioned squarely between the EOS R5 and EOS-1D X Mark III cameras."

But you did not answer my question.

The answer to your question is... it depends. Canon has always placed products between it's competitors, with the exception of the 1 series. Is the R3 an A1 Killer? Probably not. It likely will beat it in every aspect except resolution,

I would not bet on it. Sony A1 and A9ii AF is still the best. And how about video, flash sync in silent shutter mode, no rolling shutter or blackout and no overheating. I think Canon was caught by surprise and they are still looking for an answer. There is already a great camera for the sports professional who don’t want 50mp and it’s the A9ii.

Sony doesn't have CPS, and that's why Canon still dominates this space.  As far as the other things go, I guess we'll see.  Since most every reviewer has commented that the R5 matches Sony A1 on AF, I am pretty confident the R3 will be fine in that respect.  They have already announced that the R3 will be able to Flash Sync in Silent shutter (not that this is an issue for sports), and overheating was on oversampled 8K video from the R5 -- not stills.  The R3 likely won't have this problem either (and by the way, Sony overheats too... they just let the camera go until it's ready to melt).  If the BSI sensor in the R3 performs as it should, the other issues like blackout and rolling shutter won't be an issue either.  Add to that the class-leading build of a 1 series camera and the A9 II becomes even less viable.  I'm not saying the A9 II isn't a great camera, I'm sure it is.  Sony is a consumer electronics company, not a photography company.  Canon hasn't stayed #1 for so long because they don't know what they're doing.

I think the only surprise Canon has had was possibly the AP contract loss.  No way they didn't know the A1 was coming for some time.  Cameras take years to develop and they all pretty much know what the others are up to.  Canon probably still doesn't see Sony as a serious competitor in the sports arena and as long as Canon is the only one at each event with a room (or tent) full of gear and experts to support the photographers they will continue to dominate professional sports photography.  That's why the sidelines are not full of A9 II's today.

and be around $1000 cheaper. Probably easy to say it's an A9 II killer, but it'll probably be $1000 more... so in between. The R1 will be the flagship that will go against the Z9 and A1 (and probably be a little more expensive).

Canon has by far the largest Professional market and a robust Professional Services organization (CPS). No one comes even close... So, when Canon decides to design a high-end professional sports camera, they go to the photographers and ask what they want. This camera is for Sports, so they likely consulted with the agencies and pros that work in that space. I would imagine there was resistance to a high resolution camera from this group since large files will accomplish little outside of slowing down their workflow. Remember, the average magazine shot is 2mp (even less is required online) and Pro sports photogs don't shoot RAW, don't edit their photos, don't crop, etc... They shoot and upload. They certainly don't want to deal with the extra challenges that high pixel density brings. That group would prioritize speed and accuracy over everything.

Granted advanced amateurs like myself will be buying one for wildlife, but we are not the main market... we are a secondary market. I'm looking forward to getting one and pairing it with my R5 for times when the action is slower and cropping comes into play.

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