Nikon AF-S 24-120 f4 VR vs Tamron 35-150 f2.8-4 VC ?

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Re: Nikon AF-S 24-120 f4 VR vs Tamron 35-150 f2.8-4 VC ?

I have both lenses. The Tamron is sharper over a larger portion of its range than the Nikon is over its. My copy of the 35-150mm, wide open, is wonderfully sharp from 50mm all the way to 150mm, and decently sharp below 50mm. My copy of the 24-120mm, wide open, is sharp from 24mm to about 85mm, and soft above that. Its sharpness at the long end isn't acceptable until f/5.6.

My main complaint with the 24-120mm is that it does not focus accurately at very close range. Near the MFD, it needs up to -20 AFFT correction. I don't know if this issue is peculiar to my copy. The Tamron has no such issue.

Both lenses are comparable (very good) in contrast and lack of aberrations, aside from distortion. The Nikon distorts fiercely; its images need correction either in camera or in post-processing. The Tamron doesn't distort nearly so much, and I usually don't bother correcting its images in post-processing. (As with all third-party lenses, Nikon cameras do not correct its distortion in SOOC JPEGs.)

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