How Effective is IS?

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I know some people are jumpy and others are rock steady, but how effective should I consider the IS in my Oly m1 m2 to be? I was testing a used, like new, Pan lens at the extreme of telephoto from 150-200mm. Turned lens IS switch to off. I was getting mixed results and thought the lens was perhaps defective. Shutter speeds were varying from 1/180 to 1/250 approx. IS set to auto. Plenty I thought from a camera rated at 3-5 stops of IS. Pics were hand held and sometimes camera arm rested on a window frame. Target was a building at 200 yards away and square to the camera. I then thought what about shutter speeds. I reset ISO and shot at 1/350 - 1/750. Wow. The lens was actually acceptably sharp. I also noticed that if I did not have a smooth shutter release, result slightly soft. A very slight movement just at "click" impacted sharpness. At wider FL, I usually could get 2-3 stops with sharp results and sometimes more with an arm rest. I can see a strong IS effect through the EVF. Is this typical? Thanks


if you meant you were testing a Panasonic lens when you said a “pan“ lens, you may have some issues. Not all OIS in Panasonic lenses play nice with all Olympus ibis bodies.


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