Convict Lake (Eastern Sierra): help needed please

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Re: Convict Lake (Eastern Sierra): help needed please

pawn wrote:


I plan to visit Convict Lake (Eastern Sierra) either this summer or the fall. Can you please help with the following questions?

1. I have stayed at Lee Vining when visiting Mono Lake before. It worked out great. Where should I stay if Convict Lake is my main target?

2. Please confirm that, for Convict Lake, morning is better than afternoon.

3. Is 16-35mm on FF wide enough?

I just want to get a classic shot where the top of the mountain is pink and it is being reflected onto the lake.



Hi, Duy, it's been a while since we connected, hope all is well.

I have no idea if a 16-35MM is wide enough, but I doubt it.

When Digital came in & film went out, I abandoned Lens switching in favor of ALWAYS having a camera in my pocket, 24/7/365. I am never without it & if I want a wider perspective, I just shoot multiple frames & stitch.

You wouldn't catch me swapping a bunch of lenses any more !!

Here's my favorite Convict Lake shot, taken with a Panasonic ZS19. It's 5 shots, stitched in PSE:

Time: - when we got there. No hassles about where to stay - we travel & sleep in a Van.

The wind was gusting so strong from the left that I actually had to brace myself to be able to point the camera.

Under the circumstances, it was a real "Bonus" to find out later that there was a "Bonus" - a young Lady was doing "Mermaid Duty" on the rocks, right foreground. "For scale", as the geologists say".

Here's another 5-shot, if I recall correctly: a Museum in Kyoto, Japan: Probably could not have been shot with a single lens: too many people moving around. I just picked a spot & stood there, taking shots as people moved around, & gave me clear shots. Same camera.

Another advantage in not lugging a lot og "Gear" is that some places don't want you to clutter up their venue with it.

Pretty common sign in Japan:

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