Entry level FF vs high end DX

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Re: Entry level FF vs high end DX

bob_cr wrote:

It's not much fair comparison - old apsc DSLR vs new FF mirrorless. If you compare it with mirrorless apsc, the results can be different. I think, that Z5+24-200 is a good combo, but if you really pushing on weight/price aspect, apsc mirrorless is a way to go. It's up to you.

Very good point. I was trying to make the comparison also from a psychological point of view: I find my D7500 heavy so I would not get an even heavier one. But can i get a better camera in the same weight as this one ?

It's a bit of dilemma, isn't it?

What is "better": lighter camera with same (more or less) IQ as D7500 or same weight but better IQ

I went through the similar agony (on my part) when trying to decide if I should get D850.

My daughter really liked my RP and refusing to give it back to me and the part that I missed was not so much DR but the OVF.

More weight than D750, which was kinda heavy already but I wanted OVF. rather than mirrorless.

As I am thinking of 200-500mm range zoom, a monopod is the way to go. I figure

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