X100F vs X100V Acros differences?

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Re: X100F vs X100V Acros differences?

athensGA wrote:

Ed B wrote:

Newer is always better. At least that's what we're lead to believe by manufacturers and by review sites that examine every aspect of a camera under what seems to be a microscope.

Truth be told, there is almost no difference, in image quality, between the X100V and the X100F.

I suppose, for extremely close photography the X100V is incrementally better but I've seen some close up images taken with the X100F that look pretty darn good.

I doubt that people actually using the cameras would see any meaningful difference in image quality between the two cameras and that includes use of the film simulation modes.

I agree. There is only one really compelling reason to get the V over the F, and that is if one HAS to have the fold out rear screen.

One minor reason V>F is the additional in camera jpeg tweaking effects (chrome, fx blue whatever).

I actually felt that the F LOOKED better and was a lot more rugged. I found the V too 'curvy' and the aluminum and the black paint of it both ridiculously fragile.

I think what many people forget, or don't realize, is that the X100F was chosen by DPReview, two years in a row, as the best prime, fixed lens camera.

It was judged "better" than the full frame Leica Q series, the Sony RX1 series and every other single focal length camera.
I'd say that's pretty hard to beat.

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