Viltrox 13mm 1.4 coming soong

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Re: Viltrox 13mm 1.4 coming soon

Rod McD wrote:


I'm not sure of the market for this lens.... Low light tight interiors or city-scapes? Good to see them trying an adventurous design, though one wonders if f1.4 will give very sharp results in such an UWA design. It may be of interest to astro enthusiasts if it has low coma. No doubt a question to be answered by a lab test site.

A quick check to DOF Master tells us that

  • at a range of 1m, it's total DOF on APSC @ f1.4 is 0.34m deep
  • at a range of 2m, it's total DOF on APSC @ f1.4 is 1.5m deep
  • at a range of 3m it's total DOF on APSC @ f1.4 is 4m deep.

You have to be very close or it's not all that isolating. And it's humongous in order to deliver whatever it delivers. I've never really got into the UWA with shallow DOF 'look' - a small subject in focus set in acres of contextual background all OOF. If I want subject separation, I'll switch to a longer lens, which of course gives a different composition.

No doubt a matter of preference.... but not for me.

Cheers, Rod

Hi Rod. Quite a bit of unrest over the ditch regarding the pandemic, the bubble put on hold for now from NSW ... (I must admit getting really, really tired of all this!).

Now, regarding the Viltrox: I just bought the SONY equivalent for the 13/1.4 (well almost), the 20/1.8, really more like an F1.2 13.5mm, but close enough. I am also not a big fan of the cactus-in-fron-of-the-Andes shots where the Andes could easily be the Dolomites - or the Waitakere Ranges ... but it's great fun to have a lens with a close-focus ability of 18cm ... as it doesn't always have to be the poor cactus or the mushroom.

But like you said, it might be interesting to see how this lens performs for astro and landscapes with a huge DR to reign in.

The 20/1.8 is 375 grams and not much larger than the faster Fuji lenses.

The 16/1.4 Fuji and the SONY 20/1.8 both weigh EXACTLY (!!!??) 375g ...

So if the Viltrox can be playing within the same ballpark then it might be a valid lens to have! But then there is this obnoxious "click" issue of course ...


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