Cartier Bresson and the necessity of good timing

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why staging is bad?

I was reading just now the part where you discuss if he staged ("faked") the shots or not.

I know what responses I will get, very obvious from the thread already, but once again:

Why exactly staging a shot is so bad?

I know, you guys want it to be as authentic as possible, as if it really happened exactly that way on that split second of time.

I know this is the reason to my title question.

But for a minute, forget that notion.

Staging means: getting your elements and assets and arranging them under an art direction to your liking.

It takes skill, knowledge, talent, hard work, leadership skills, more hard work, more knowledge.

It doesn't, for a second, happen without being a master in the first place.

You need to see the shot in your head before anything else.

You need to know what you want, which elements you want, and how you want them to play together to engage the viewer.

Then, you make it physically happen talking to people and saying what you want from them. Another hard work step there.

Is this, somehow, any inferior to walking down the street and finding by random chance your shots that will make you a household name forever?

In my opinion, staging as mentioned requires a great deal more talent, and a great deal less luck.

It means: take this scene, and use your talent to make it immortal.

BTW, this is what movies does.

Movie directors are staging their stories, does it mean this takes any less talent than going down the street with the REC buttom on?

In a sense, I think a lot of iconic street photographs have had some form of staging, to one degree or another, from 0.1 to 100%, we just don't have any proof.

I won't go there right now, just wanted to point out this notion of staging being so bad.

IMO, it takes too much effing talent to be taken as a bad thing.


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