anyone experiencing this: AF-problems A99II SSM because of short screws

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Re: anyone experiencing this: AF-problems A99II SSM because of short screws

gussman wrote:

Recently i visited a camera-shop in the Netherlands to check for e-mount.

I kind of was frustrated with AF-performance with (heavier) SSM-lenses on my 99II. Regularly it is only possible to MF because the contact between lens and camera is lost.

This shop-owner told me there is a batch of 99II's wth short screws that attach the bayonet/mount to the rest of the camera-body.

That causes the mount/bayonet to be less rigid, which causes play and loss of AF-possibility (70-200SSM and 70-400 SSM).

Does anyone recognize this?

I hear enthousiast stories about the 99II combined with SSM but I simply can not concur.

Is it my camera? What to do?

I cannot imagine how it would happen. A mount has been around for a long while, problems with SSM lenses are well known and documented and I doubt that a simple  cause like this was never noticed when bodies were in service.

A99ii is a low volume product with a very long history of development before it was released. It's not the first full frame body that supports SSM lenses, either, so Minolta or Sony would have identified such issues a long time ago.

• Accidentally ordering and supplying short screws to production instead of long? Extremely doubtful.

• Having long screws in all older bodies, but specifying short screws for first batches of A99ii and later correcting this? Impossible.

• Having short screws in all older bodies, including first batches of A99ii, later finding out the reason for loss of contact was short screws and redesigning A99ii to accomodate this change? Very unlikely, but at least this one is plausible.

However, what makes that last one unlikely is that Sony has no reason to not call in cameras under warranty for service, or they risk a potential class action suit.

FWIW, I have no problems with my A99ii with 70-200 SSM G2, and I didn't have any problems with other SSM teles (70-300 G, Tamron 70-200 USD), or with shorter SSM lenses (Zeiss and Tamron 24-70), either.

We don't know the reason why this happens. For all we know, it could be the other way around: too tight fit causes a slight shift of spring-loaded camera contacts when they are recessed into the mount. When mounting, the lens pushes the contacts back, then rotational movement causes them to shift a tiny bit and lock into recessed position. When the lens flexes downwards, the contacts don't extend as they should and contact is lost. When contact is regained even a split second later, it's already too late, you need to power cycle the camera for it to recover.

Maybe the right way to prevent this could be mounting the lens, letting it lock, then wriggling it left and right for contacts to "shake into position".

We just don't know what causes this and what potential fix there could be.

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