How do zoom shooters actually calculate their shots?

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Re: A few thoughts on that…

tdwesbo wrote:

When I use a zoom and have to consider DOF, I just hit the DOF preview button. It all goes very fast and easy. I personally can’t imagine agonizing over calculating the DOF. If it looks like I want it to, I hit the shutter. If it doesn’t, I don’t.

Sp you think there is no place for a quick calculation then? Like you want to have a woman's hairpiece as well as the dress in focus and maximise out of focus blur. You can tell, maybe, that by pressing the dof button that everything looks ok, but would it really be agony to know you have 60cm in focus when using the 56 at a certain distance, rather than using F11 just to be sure?

In the studio when you work with strobes, the shutter speed is of no importance as long as it's long enough to expose the whole sensor. The aperture is then set in fine increments typically starting at some ridiculous 1/128 or longer of the total power. If you need,say, 120cm in focus for a mini group shot, you might end up at f8 or f13. I use a Sekonik flash meter for that, rather than using a maximum aperture as there are some side-effects from using super small apertures as I am sure you will know,  like diffraction. Maximum sharpness is often achieved at F4-F8 so you want to kethe aperture close to those values.

And you do this by pressing the dof button? Well, I have to admit that I can't reliably predict the whole frame. If you can, yhen good for you.

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