K3III Sensor Stain

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Re: Omega Heat Block over Northwest . . .

altis wrote:

I suspect it’s something to do with the weather sealing and the change in altitude.

In a former life I installed bits of electronics, outdoors in environmentally sealed boxes. We used some of the best boxes and cable glands yet, after a couple of months, the boxes often started to fill with water. We deduced that, despite all the seals, the boxes were breathing due to the heat/cool cycle of the day.

Eventually we fitted vapour barrier breather plugs to the boxes. These are a bit like cable glands but with a piece of material like GoreTex in the middle. These allowed the boxes to breathe but kept the water out. This stopped the condensation appearing inside.

I would guess that the camera seals will hold out a certain amount of pressure differential but eventually something gives which results in a jet of air which could suddenly shift some of the oil.

Interesting thoughts, but I don't think altitude is the culprit.  Every one of my Pentax DSLRs beginning with the *istDL in 2005 has seen altitude extremes, both fast transitions and heights, much greater than this without any issues. The DL, K10D, K20D, K5IIs, and K1 have all been to at least 12,000' and most as high as 18,000' in either Peru or Nepal. I regularly drive from my house at 200' to Timberline on Mt. Hood at 6,000' and begin climbing with a Pentax DSLR in my pack - never, ever had an issue like this. Merely going to 7,000' should not result in any issues - this problem is, hopefully, an outlier unrelated to design.

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