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Re: I have to ask a couple stupid questions about the FZ300/330

mount evans wrote:

ANAYV wrote:

Having owned 18 superzooms since 2004 (14 Panasonic , 2 Canon and 2 Nikons),

The best...for me ...has been the P950

Sharpest lens, best VR (one can shoot at 2000mm an only 1/80th shutter speeds).

So, the 83x zoom range does not involve any sacrifice of image quality?

I'm sure it does.  It has to.

But with sharp results at 2000mm, does it really matter ?

Click ' original size' for better details

1/80th shutter at 2000mm....so this can be sharper yet, but I always handhold, no tripod/monopod used.

Also handheld at 2000mm...only 1/80th shutter, but this more like a shot at ISO 800 (Shot ISO 200, but also -2 EV)

Even the moon @ 8000mm !! Yes using 4x digital zoom...would you expect ANY details?

8000mm !!! Crazy...but not bad results.

If so, I want a 12-1000mm zoom for my micro four thirds, 2.8 times as big and 22 times as heavy.

That's the thing. Only with the tiny 1/2.3" sensors, can we get 2000mm and even 3000mm reach.

Your  4/3 sensor is around 8x larger (  I think)..so the lens would be very large and heavy.

Only the King, the P1000 can top that.

What DPReview had to say about the P1000 wasn't very nice:

I'm sure. P950 is newer. Maybe something improved? (I know the VR system has , with over 5.5 stops...needed for handholding at 2000mm

Just for reference, I also use APS-C sensor cameras, along with my P950. One is  a Z 50.

Results for this P950 are clear to me

Really good for the sensor size and I.Q. is fine

Stay healthy


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