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Re: Continuing my search...

Are you shooting in auto mode or something? If u are shooting in auto mode then the camera chooses the focus point not you, so u will never have a good keeper rate with any camera. Never let the camera choose the focus point.

if you are not shooting in auto or a mode where camera chooses focus point, do u have continuous focusing turned on? If so, turn it off. You don't want the camera changing the focus on its own

you want to use single point focus (small box preferred), put that box on what you want the camera to focus on (or touch the lcd on what u want to focus on), then press the shutter half way to lock the focus. Then recompose if desired while still holding the focus button halfway. Then press shutter the rest of the way to take the shot.

g5xii should be getting correct focus on shots like those you posted above 100% of the time. The only time it should miss focus is if you accidentally put the box on the wrong subject (ie human error).

The above assumes your problem is with focus. If your problem is with exposure please explain the problems u are seeing.

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