K3III Sensor Stain

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Re: K3III Sensor Stain

BobORama wrote:

Well that's just horrible. Had you cleaned the sensor at some point prior? It looks like something was smeared around. The droplets I have had ( from various sources, like changing lenses near a leaky maple tree or sea spray with protein foam ... ) tend to be discrete dots, its when you try to clean them they spread around and make a mess.

I'm not arguing against your theory, but even for internal oil sources, it tends to be tiny dots that hold on to dust and grow like dust bunnies and smear.

On photos prior do you see small dots in high aperture shots that might have been smeared?

( This is bad, but in terms of things you never want to happen... had a moth fly into the gullet of the camera when changing lenses, got stuck in there after I had the lens on. Ugh.... like a month of moth scales popping up at random. )

Good questions. I had seen a couple of small spots, then about a week prior attempted to clean with an Arctic Butterfly with some success although perhaps not perfect. Unclear to me what the wand would do with oil, perhaps pick up some, perhaps redistribute it, but the offending spots were imperfectly cleaned. In any case, I'm plenty used to cleaning dust off of sensors, accept that I'm rarely perfect, and assumed this was that.

I had the 18-135 mounted (it had been for at least 3 days) and, at Diamond Lake (5,000' and perhaps 85F) took a series of shots of my cats.


Then we put the cats and camera in the car and drove up to Crater Lake (7,000' and around 75F) where my very first shot had the massive splatter you see.

Not a moth in sight, but bad luck nevertheless.

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