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Re: Omega Heat Block over Northwest . . .

drummercam wrote:

108 degrees Fahrenheit (42 degrees Celsius) in Seattle on Sunday (June 27), the city's highest recorded temperature ever. A high of 117 F (47 C) in Salem, Oregon, on the same day.

Abnormally high temperatures can have a serious effects on oil viscosity. I'm guessing Crater Lake was under the Omega block heat dome like the rest of the northwest. And surely, if the camera was left in a car with a/c off for even five minutes, you can have exactly this problem.

In any case, this is not a systemic problem because many K-3III's are out there. We'd know. Abnormally high temperature is the culprit here.
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While it's true that it was stupid hot in the PNW a couple of weeks ago - I'm a drummer as well and started a 2-hour outdoor show when the temp was 108F (what were we thinking?) and we briefly saw 116 at my house. In large part because extreme heat is not particularly photogenic, my gear was inside the whole time where it was cool. We left to go south the day the heat dome broke down so the heat had dissipated by the time we got south to Crater Lake. At Crater Lake's altitude (~7,000') the temps were not much into the 80s. So, while your theory is certainly plausible, the K3III wasn't exposed to the heat extremes so that couldn't have been the culprit.

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