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Re: I have to ask a couple stupid questions about the FZ300/330

P950 seems to improve on that Adam T.

Ahh, thanks , yet to see one, the 900 didn`t shoot RAW , the 1000 is colossal (though the very slow lens is sharp at the long end) but not as clean as the SX50

I did find the SX50 to be a bit cleaner at base ISO than the FZ200/300 or the DJI Phantom 3 Pro but that could be down to the canon`s base ISO being less than stated maybe ? or cleaner amplifiers etc ?? .

SX50 probably the best 12MP 1/2.3" sensor to date.

Thought so .....

I've owned the SX50 and SX60. Seemed a bit more dynamic range in the SX60, and AF was improved, but you are correct, the lens was not as sharp as the SX50.

that was the killer for me, these things are deep into diffraction wideopen so need to be sharp there, amazingly the SX50 pulled that off

Shame as the EVF was improved, as was AF and fps burst shooting.

I could live with the weak EVF as all its needed for is framing on a small megabridge

Having owned 18 superzooms since 2004 (14 Panasonic , 2 Canon and 2 Nikons),

I have owned loads too (as you probably know) - the Sony RX10 Mk3/4 are the kings of Megabridge, 1" stacked sensor and an amazing lens but they cost the earth , the lens mech can be fragile and its not the smallest camera in the world for 24-600mm . though the Pan FZ330 must be nearly as big as a G80/G90 with a 12-60 on when switched on .

The best...for me ...has been the P950

I`ll have to give one a go . there are loads of 900s about used Cheap but no Raw kills it for me

Still, no substitute for a sharp lens at 2000mm.

Absolutely - 1000mm + is what 1:2/3" megas have going for them - and its quite a trick

Stay healthy, Adam T

You too old Friend

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