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Re: I have to ask a couple stupid questions about the FZ300/330

AdamT wrote:

5 FZ200 (12mp. Some claim it’s the same sensor as that found in the FZ330, although I have my doubts because Panasonic has, as far as I know, never confirmed the rumour.

Neither did they announce a newer sensor for the F300. They did for previous cameras that did use a newer sensor. so we will never know, unless someone here has both and shoots RAW . I'm sure they did improve the Venus engine for the better jpegs.

Either way, the F330’s Jpeg output is far less noisy in like for-like ISO settings, possibly due to an improved processor and a better noise reduction algorithm in the newer camera.

the FZ200 is ancient now, the 300/330 is already pretty old and panasonic JPG engines came on leaps and bounds between the two models .. I believe it is the same 12Mp sensor (Prob the best pinhead sensor made, shame the Nikon P1000 didn`t use it as the 16Mp one is too noisy IMO) ,

P950 seems to improve on that Adam T.

Shooting RAW and with DXO, no issue with noise up to ISO 800.

Too much NR smearing if shooting it jpeg.

same 12Mp as the DJI Drones such as the Phantom 3 and probably even the Mavic Mini use.. also the canon SX50HS which IMO was the best 1000mm + compact pinhead megazoom bridge camera made so shooting in RAW the FZ200 ought to be the same as those above for image quality ,

I did find the SX50 to be a bit cleaner at base ISO than the FZ200/300 or the DJI Phantom 3 Pro but that could be down to the canon`s base ISO being less than stated maybe ? or cleaner amplifiers etc ?? .

SX50 probably the best 12MP 1/2.3" sensor to date.

A combo of a used FZ200 and SX50HS would make the perfect bargain RAW shooters compact bridgecam duo as both can be picked up for buttons secondhand - one for reach and one for aperture speed - the SX50s lens is sharp thoughout end to end wideopen which is a miracle for sucn a lens .

It was. But AF was pretty bad (for anything slightly moving) , only 2fps and a horrible EVF (by todays standards)

the SX60 and 70 didn`t pull that off from the samples i`ve seen

I've owned the SX50 and SX60. Seemed a bit more dynamic range in the SX60, and AF was improved, but you are correct, the lens was not as sharp as the SX50.

Shame as the EVF was improved, as was AF and fps burst shooting.

Having owned 18 superzooms since 2004 (14 Panasonic , 2 Canon and 2 Nikons),

The best...for me ...has been the P950

Sharpest lens, best VR (one can shoot at 2000mm an only 1/80th shutter speeds).

Nikon claims their best ever VR with 5.5 stops.

Excellent EVF and good AF. fps burst also good, but internal buffer not so good.

Panasonic is better at this, as well as more assignable function buttons and seems quicker in operation

Still, no substitute for a sharp lens at 2000mm.

Only the King, the P1000 can top that.

Stay healthy, Adam T


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