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Re: I have to ask a couple stupid questions about the FZ300/330

5 FZ200 (12mp. Some claim it’s the same sensor as that found in the FZ330, although I have my doubts because Panasonic has, as far as I know, never confirmed the rumour. Either way, the F330’s Jpeg output is far less noisy in like for-like ISO settings, possibly due to an improved processor and a better noise reduction algorithm in the newer camera.

the FZ200 is ancient now, the 300/330 is already pretty old and panasonic JPG engines came on leaps and bounds between the two models  .. I believe it is the same 12Mp sensor (Prob the best pinhead sensor made, shame the Nikon P1000 didn`t use it as the 16Mp one is too noisy IMO) , same 12Mp as the DJI Drones such as the Phantom 3 and  probably even the Mavic Mini use..  also the canon SX50HS which IMO was the best 1000mm + compact pinhead megazoom bridge camera made so shooting in RAW the FZ200 ought to be the same as those above for image quality  , I did find the SX50 to be a bit cleaner at base ISO than the FZ200/300 or the DJI Phantom 3 Pro but that could be down to the canon`s base ISO being less than stated maybe ?  or cleaner amplifiers etc ??  .

A combo of a used FZ200 and SX50HS would make the perfect bargain RAW shooters compact bridgecam duo as both can be picked up for buttons secondhand - one for reach and one for aperture speed - the SX50s lens is sharp thoughout end to end wideopen which is a miracle for sucn a lens . the SX60 and 70 didn`t pull that off from the samples i`ve seen

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