Best phone for RAW photography?

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Re: Best phone for RAW photography?

D00M wrote:

Jostian wrote:

Strange, GSMArena's review and others of iPhone 12 Pro max mention very poor fine detail rendering, SOOC jpegs from the iPhone 12's have been very unimpressive, with heavy smearing. Shooting RAW and processing offers way better results. See crops below from the photos from the review, looks very water painting like, very unnatural.

Poor fine details + smearing? If the image is overly process (sharpened), it can appear to be sharper (edges) but will have less "details" with smearing. If less process, it can appear to have poor "details". In reality, less processed photo will retain more "details" or information.

My 100% crop examples from iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung S20 FE.

iPhone 12 Pro Max (100% Crop)

Samsung S20 FE (100% Crop)

iPhone has much less processing and less saturation. There is more information retained in the dark areas (crow's feathers and legs).

Samsung is overly sharpened. Look at the twig at right and the grass blades, which have sharp edges. But then the information is lost (crow's feathers and legs).

Depends on user. Do you want more details and less sharpening (iPhone)? Or sharp edge and less details (Samsung)? I always prefer to have less sharpening done by the camera. I rather do that myself if needed.

By the way, in this example, it looks to be out of focus; ugly bokeh. I don't know GSM Arena and how well they do photography comparison. Kind of meaningless to take a photo of a tree, and then compare the grass in foreground, background, or corners. Unless they want to compare lens sharpness at corners; but then that should be done with a wall and not landscape scene.

Crops of crow from 12 pro shows no feather detail at all, but yes fe is oversharpened, neither are great.

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