Cartier Bresson and the necessity of good timing

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Re: Cartier Bresson and the necessity of good timing

Mark_A wrote:

Phil A Martin wrote:

There has been some discussion about Cartier Bresson recently and especially about his photograph - the leaping man. Here is a very interesting video about him and what makes him so great.

Clue, it has very little to do with the simplicity of his equipment or his use of film, and quite a lot to do with his skills of observation, pre-planning the shot and brilliant timing.


It is an interesting video clip but I am surprised this is news, timing has long been vital in getting a decent image in all sorts of photography and in Bresson's decisive moment it is critical.

Personally I don't like spray and pray, I prefer to get one or a couple of images timed about right. If Bresson was photographing today do you think he would persist with one shot or would he shoot a small burst just to up his chances of getting the best shot?

Definitely 1 shot (by 1 I mean "few", a couple shots, 3 and done)

Someone of his talent and having a vision so clear of what he wants, would not want to dillute his vision, by allowing a 20 frame burst to contain inside the sequence what he's looking for.

Either the image he imagined is there in 2 or 3 shots, or never mind.

That doesn't even constitutes my opinon.

I doubt anyone who has climbed to that level of talent and experience needs or wants "added chance" to play a role (by "added chance" I mean letting the shot "be there" just because he pressed a machine gun burst for 3 seconds).

His vision is clear, he knows what he wants.


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