Maybe I messed up or maybe the R5 saved me

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Re: Maybe I messed up or maybe the R5 saved me

It is fun having good equipment. Outdoors on a sunny day causes some harsh light and tend to cause people's faces to be washed out (overexposed and losing saturation). I did a quick touchup below of the boy receiving his diploma.

The pictures looked a little desaturated/overexposed to me and the color seemed a bit off. In Photoshop, I adjusted what white balance and reduced the exposure by about 1/3 stop, and pulled the curve down after that (the net that the exposure of the boy's face receiving his diploma face was reduced by about 1 stop). I also increased the vibrance (saturation in facial tones) a little. A better job could be done working with DXO on the RAW directly. I think you will see that that the faces look better and with more color.

Adjusted White balance, Decrease Exposure about -0.3 and Pulled down curves, increased "vibrance"

Kokopelli_Rocks wrote:

My Son recently graduated high school and I wanted to capture a few images. The challenge was the distance. Due to COVID the graduation was held in the HS football stadium. Also, those attending had to be seated, unless invited (school and press photographers). To get a decent angle on the stage we sat in the closest stands to the stage, (not very close). My other challenge was my lens options. At the time I only had two telephoto lenses, an EF 70-200 f4 and a Sigma 150-600 c. The Sigma would be great expect for size. Even with COVID the stands were pretty full. Plus, I wanted to enjoy the ceremony with my family, or as Joel Sartore says 'Pet the Whales'. My other challenge was being new to the R5 at the time. I am still learning, but was really learning at the time.

Below are two images. The first is the 70mm view from my seat. and the second image is 200mm and then cropped. I also processed the images with DxO.

70mm view from my seat

200mm image processed with DxO and cropped

For being new to the R5 I was pleased with the results. I took a few images of my neighbors kids and the parents were very pleased with the results. They could not believe I shot the images form the stands.

I did not have high expectations for the final images after the ceremony, but I am pleased with the results. I printed an 8.5x11 of the above image on my Canon Pro9000 and the print looks great. I am very happy with how much I can crop the R5 image.

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