Percentage of really good pics

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Re: Percentage of really good pics

I somewhat agree with those who say it's not important, but it can be an interesting exercise.

When I was shooting for for newspaper we used to say if you could average one publishable photo per roll you were doing OK. Now remember that's a daily newspaper -- publishable was not a very high standard. At 36 shots per roll that's about 3%, which is how I was thinking when I started digital.

But my standards are a lot higher now, while digital gives me more freedom to experiment. So I will often do a lot more shots of a given subject. And toss a lot more. Aside from the photos I keep for sentimental reasons (family, friends, pets) I'm sure my keeper rate is well under 1%. Keepers being the photos I really want to keep for the rest of my life, photos I might print for gallery exhibition or use in a book or portfolio.

Of course I have far more than 1% on my hard drives -- storage is cheap and my time is too valuable to spend much of it culling photos.

EDIT/UPDATE: Just checked my working drive and I have 1.1 TB of images since January 1. That's after the routine culling I do as I go along, so my 2 T drive may not be enough to last the year.


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