70-300 FX VR vs 300 AF-S F4

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Re: 70-300 FX VR vs 300 AF-S F4

I think that Mr. Craig (can I call you Phoenix?) has nailed this subject very well.


And as you see, 300mm is not long enough.

A fundamental truth about shooting wildlife. 400 isn't long enough, either, and neither is 600. And so it goes.

I've had long zooms that disappointed me (80-400 AF-D) and fixed that with the 300F4 AF-S + 1.4TC.

My experience exactly - I still have and infrequently use my 80-400D - it's actually a pretty good 80-300 lens. But my AF-S 300 f4D is better.

Yes, in short, the 300F4+1.4TC is going to be better than what you have now, but a 200-500 is going to be better (by quite a bit).

I don't have a 200-500, but I got to try one.

A little background. I have endured a lot of arthritis for a lot of years, especially in my hands, and that has meant shooting everything using a monopod or tripod for 20+ years. I simply cannot hand hold a camera and get an acceptably sharp image any other way.

I was invited to a Nikon showing of the then newest bodies, the D5 and D500, including handling them and shooting a little inside the store. The D500 I was handed had a 200-500 on it, and I aimed across the store at a poster on the far wall, ran the ISO up and took a shot at 200 mm. I hadn't looked to see if VR was on, but when I saw a really sharp image on the LCD, I checked - VR was on. So I zoomed to 500 and took another shot - it, too, was sharp. That lens has a kind of VR that is just sensational.

I realize that money counts - if you aren't a pro, then your photography doesn't make money - it costs money. But if you have the financial resources to go for a 200-500, I think you will find it to be a very, very good long term solution.

I still love and shoot my 300 D with and without a 1.4X and a 1.7X TC, and am happy with my results, and at my age, I'd rather spent the price of a 200-500 on travel expenses to get to Wyoming, Idaho, Montana etc. I think you'll be happy with image quality whether you get the 300 or a 200-500. Only you can judge the value of the other factors involved.

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