Percentage of really good pics

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Percentage of really good pics

My camera just rolled over from 10K pics so I took a moment to look at the number of my ‘true’ keepers.

Starting at the beginning of this year I had about 3,500 keepers, pics that I thought were pretty good.  About 35% which seemed way too high.

A lot of these were multiple pics of the same subject differing only in things like a few feet to the left or the right, different zoom lengths, etc.

Anyway starting last January I began to ruthlessly cull my keepers.  If I had 3 or 4 good pics of the same subject I kept 1 and deleted the rest.  Some pictures that looked great to me when I first took them didn’t nearly look that good to me now so I deleted them too.  It’s also been interesting to see recurring themes to my work, as well as differences on taking pictures of the same subject on multiple dates.

I set up a good-better-best, as well as vacation and family pics that weren’t that great but I wanted to keep.  Anyway the family pics got 2 stars while good-better-best got 3-4-5 stars.

After completing the culling I now have 850 good pics + family pics. That’s from 10K pics taken so that’s just over 8% true keepers.  That’s down from 3,500 keepe at the beginning of the year.

I remember that back in my film days I’d be pretty happy to get 1 or 2 keepers from a roll of 36 (about 5%) so that seems pretty consistent.  I like to think that I’m a better photographer than then but my standards are higher.  It’s been a fun exercise and now I’ve got a portfolio that I wouldn’t be ashamed to show someone - as if someone else was interested. 

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